Why these jokers are still mocking the Honorable Supreme court?

Why these jokers are still mocking the Honorable Supreme court?

We all must have heard a folklore of “bhediya aaya bhediya aaya lekin jab sher aaya tab koi bachane nahi aaya “

Lets see step by step how these power hungry, self-centered people have spread rumors and allegations, which were completely baseless and provided no substantial arguments and failed to prove anything in the court of law.

Demonetisation is Modi’s Rs 8 lakh crore-scam -Arvind Kejariwal 

He started with and allegation on PM Modi for waiving off Vijay Mallya’s Debts for which he couldn’t even waived a Document in the air, in his signature style, which is quite iconic of him. Secondly he said there is a list of some 600+ people who have their Swiss bank accounts and PM is not arresting them. Where this list has come from? Who provided it to Mr Kejriwal and if he has the list why doesn’t he file FIRs against these people? NB – he never filed an FIR against Sheila Dixit rather Delhi govt. gave her a clean chit. Slow Claps

Prashant Bhushan irks SC by seeking recusal of Justice Khehar

Later Prashant Bhushan alleged Mr. PM on the basis of some piece of paper without any authenticity. There was not even a trace of any name being there in those papers. He alleged that in the year 2013 PM accepted multi crore bribes. Seriously? Without any substantial avidence! So, now anybody can write anybody’s name on a piece of paper and declare it to be authentic.

Later Supreme Court lashed out on complainant to stick to the facts and evidences and remain away from such propaganda based allegations, on which…

Prashant Bhushan passed a taunt on Justice “Though I have no doubt about the integrity, it is my duty, an unpleasant duty, as an officer of the court (to say) that this matter be heard by some other bench on reopening (after winter vacation)”, on which the bench said. “Why should you say all this? It’s very unfair. You appeared twice, thrice before us but you didn’t say anything. Today you are saying things” the bench remarked. “If you had any problem you should have pointed out. It is very, very unfair. You are talking about the highest court. You doubt a Constitutional functionary. Not fair!”

An earthshaking revelation done by Rahul Gandhi!

Many days after what happened in The Supreme court, Mr. Congress President said the same things, which Prashant Bhushan said in court of law and Mr. Arvind Kejariwal said that in Delhi Assembly. However, court had already declined the same with the following words:

“Give us any smallest material, we will deal with it. We have already told you that you are talking about conversation about persons on telephone. These are nothing. You are dealing with high functionaries.”

Now congress spokesperson is saying that this is just an appetizer and there is a lot to come.

While we all know these files were some data sheets (which can be manipulated by anyone) with not even with not even any trace of name on it, Found by an IT department in connection with raids on couple of business houses here in 2013-14 which purportedly showed computerized inventories containing designations of top people having received money.

CBI and IT departments were in UPA’s hands and these raids were conducted under their regimen. If they got these evidences then why they are bringing them back today, and even when Supreme Court out rightly denied it, why these jokers are still mocking the court?