The Unknown conflict of Kashmir 1/2 – CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic corridor)

The Unknown conflict of Kashmir 1/2 – CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic corridor)

The Kashmiris, brainwashed by Pakistan in the name of brotherhood and religion, doesn’t understand that they might loose their home if they ever succeed to separate from India. If it were about religion and brotherhood, Pakistan wouldn’t have offered East Pakistan (which is Bangladesh now post separation from Pakistan and which majorly has Muslim population) in return of Jammu and Kashmir in 1950s, as informed by Prem Shekhar in past, a well known columnist. Neither Pakistan would have spread bloodsheds in Baluchistan.


How Pakistan primarily a weak economy is so desperate in funding terrorist activities, Jihadi movements and so called Kashmiri separatists against India and where are they getting such huge funding from, surely needs introspection.  Initially it was natural resources, the Indus River also called the Sindhu River, now it is much larger vested interest where another neighbor is also hand in glove with Pakistan. It is CPEC (China- Pakistan economic corridor).


Pakistan is strategically and geographically very important for Chinese economy. Right now Chinese shipments from Africa, Middle East and European countries have to travel all the way around India and other Asian countries and with most of these countries China has a serious problems as they consider China a major threat.


Now if China has to reach Arabian Sea through other route the only way is through Pakistan and to achieve that China will have to build a corridor of highways and railways from China to Pakistan till Iran border to access the Arabian Sea Via Karakoram highway (much cheaper and easier business route. Now the problem is Jammu and Kashmir in executing this plan as to connect Karakoram to China. The highway has to build through Jammu and Kashmir’s Gilgit Baltistan area, which legally came India’s way in 1947 partition. However, Pakistan illegally occupies the same area, which is called POK.


So the Conflict is for the CPEC and with China and Pakistan’s Vested Interest. Pakistan gets China all out support with finances and infrastructure (China is already running more than 20% of Pakistan’s economy) and China gets the corridor through Pakistan, which helps in cheaper, easier and quicker trade and it also help China to access natural resources (Oil) from middle east much easier and cheaper which makes China very powerful probably the most powerful country.


What does India and it’s Kashmiri residents get? Nothing! It is because; most likely China would occupy powerless Kashmir if it succeeds to separate from India. As it is China has illegally occupies the eastern and northern part of J&K’s Shaksgam valley which was gifted to China by Pakistan in 1960s and Aksai Chin by China itself in 1950s.


Will India and the Western power let this happen? No! For obvious reason, India looses one of the most important part of its geographical body (J&K- The Head) and China becomes the most powerful which Westerns can’t accept.


part 2 of CPEC coming soon on theindianthing