10 Illicit businesses most hit by modi’s currency war

10 Illicit businesses most hit by modi’s currency war

  •  Upcoming elections: The electoral campaigns in Punjab, Uttrakhand and UP have been severely affected as these states  were notorious for the usage of black money fin the elections. UP elections have always been a playground for electoral polarization & liquid cash has always persuaded the masses and party workers. Politicians with an undeclared amount of money in their hidden closets will either have to burn away the black stash or quietly deposit it into the banks and come under SEBI’s Radar
  • Government employees: The corrupt-to-the-core babus who do not move a pen without accepting a bribe are all facing the heat in the form of this financial surgical strike by Modi
  • Terrorist camps: Every anti national activity funded and operated with fake currencies will come to at-least a temporary standstill
  • B grade films: Several Film makers and most of the producers of the adult and B-grade films convert black money into white and then float a fake balance sheet showing losses
  • Drug mafia: This cancerous activity penetrates into the economy via hawala funds and fake currencies. The sudden announcement of the ban on existing 500 and 1000 currency notes has proven to be a deadly and lethal weapon against this narcotics mafia
  • Seperatists:  The weapons and armament supplied to separatist movements like Kashmiri & Khalistani rely greatly on black money
  • Dawood Ibrahim/Underworld: Dawood is known to be the kingpin of not only narcotics, underworld activities and smuggling but also the mastermind behind billions of fake indian notes printed in Bangladesh & Pakistan. His entire business empire will receive a huge blow due to the sudden announcement of the ban
  • Sex Trafficking/ Child Trafficking: The business of flesh trade and kidnapping/ sex trafficking has received a huge jolt. Without liquid cash, no transactions or dealings can happen. These businesses will slow down at least for several months from now owing to the sudden currency ban




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